Who We Are

SkyBlue Media is committed to quality, customer service and being on the cutting edge of technology. We understand real estate as well as marketing and cater to professionals in those fields. We know that conveying the emotion and feeling of a property isn't always possible with still images. That is why we offer 3D media, lifestyle and property tour videos, aerial photography as well as videography. Our goal is to provide the highest quality media available, helping you stand out in your marketing efforts. With a wide variety of services focused on providing the highest quality media to real estate professionals. We strive to be a one-stop-shop to make your life easier.

Rusty Hill

Rusty is a man of passion, who easily becomes consumed with and often looses sleep over whatever he's working on. He has a hard time holding still, watching TV, or doing things mediocre. When he has a few minutes to himself, he enjoys kitesurfing, sailing, or flying his powered paraglider. He attributes a lot of his success to his obsessive work ethic. Rusty originally created the business in 2010 with the vision of taking aerial photos in a new way.

Designing and building his own radio controlled helicopter, purpose built, to lift a professional camera to dizzying heights. Being the first in Southwest Idaho to successfully launch such a business, he's had years of experience capturing dramatic aerial photos. Since that time, the addition of other related services has allowed the business to grow significantly. SkyBlue Media, the quality of their products and it's customers are a passion for Rusty.

Kristen McPeek

Kristen has always had a camera in her presence since her days of elementary school, where she would document field trips and share the photos with her classmates. She worked her way up to being a photographer for Casper College College Public Relations in Casper Wyoming and a photojournalist for the Coeur d’Alene Press in North Idaho. She is working on pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in multimedia communications at Boise State University.

Kristen enjoys taking yoga classes and blogging at coffee shops during her free time. Media is extremely important to her and she believes it is a different language that opens new doors to viewers. Working at SkyBlue Media allows her to help customers share and communicate in new ways that go beyond looking at a home from an average viewpoint.

Anne Call

Since joining SkyBlue Media in March 2016, Anne has jumped into her job as the 3D Imaging Specialist. She is excited about this new technology and enjoys watching its use expand throughout the real estate industry. Anne is passionate about helping her clients utilize 3D tours to speed up and simplify the process of buying or selling a home.

Anne received a bachelor’s degree in sociology in 2005, and she is planning to get a master’s degree in social work in the near future. When she isn’t working, Anne loves spending her time with her thee energetic boys, and she also loves to read or do anything outdoors (hiking, bike rides, concerts). She loves trying new things and is always up for an adventure. One of her lifelong goals is to travel the world.

Nikola Eschen

Twenty years ago, Nikola immersed herself in photographic darkrooms and emerged with a fascination for the art and process of the work. Evolving alongside the technology, she loves the speed of modern digital imaging and has embraced the latest high tech processes which create stunning, true-to-life photographs. Showcasing the area's fine homes comes naturally to Nikola, as she brings a decade of experience in home staging and design to every shoot and infuses each project with her trademark thoroughness and love of detail.

When not shutterbugging, Nikola loves to travel and see live music. Actually, she is a bit of a shutterbug in those arenas as well. She is an insatiable learner, and loves to snuggle up with her family and read, read, read. Nikola has long admired the fantastic people and impeccable work of SkyBlue Media, and is proud to join them in delivering exceptional images.

Peter Jensen

Native to North Dakota, Peter's travels have brought him to every corner of the United States. Returning from living in Brazil, these experiences have given Peter a passion for people, and a love of diversity. Equipped with a camera, perspective and determination, Peter is continually driven to capture the unique lifestyles of those he meets. As an architectural photographer, he focuses on exemplifying the aspects of your home, that make it special.

When not hard at work, Peter can be found expanding both his personal and musical library. With a love for learning, Peter is studying at Boise State University, pursuing a degree in Business and Economics. He accredits who he is today to the love of his friends and family.